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just enough snow to be pretty :)))

🎄 day brought changes in the weather every hour or so - an amazing weather day!!  mid-morning the skies darkened, the wind started to blow, and then next thing i knew it was snowing!  less than an hour later it was over.  i went outside to brush off the front steps but noticed the beauty of this coating on the holly bushes and hustled to finish, run back inside, and get my camera.  i had the perfect lens in mind to capture this vision, my 100mm macro…a busy and happy half hour followed, and an hour after that the snow was gone!  definitely photography of the moment :))))))

season's greetings


marshgrass close up

closer in on the marshgrasses…layered with textures and colors and shapes and sizes!

a little bit of glasswort…

i did manage to spot some glasswort on a patch of sand out in the marsh.  not the huge swathes i've seen in other years, but still they showed as strong fall color in the marshgrasses.

fall marsh at dusk

more playing with the 14mm wide angle lens…

the lure of the fall marsh…

when i saw this i was out admiring the fall colors in the marsh, i knew i had to come back with my big camera and gear…especially my wide angle lens!!  i've spent the last 6 weeks wallowing in the marshgrass :))). i was looking for glasswort but instead fell in love with the fall colors, shapes, and lines of the marshgrass.  it's been and incredible treat!


the solar eclipse did it!!

the solar eclipse got my photography thoughts stirring towards the future. the result - a new computer with a new processing program!  a lot to learn :))))  and over the fall i was drawn to the fall colors.  i went in search of glasswort and fell in love with all the marshgrasses that surround me! it's taken me a couple of months to get a new workflow going, and feel confident with it.  and taking more photos to practice with the software, getting back to my photography rhythms…

so on to the photos!!!

i'll start with the most recent.  yesterday's storm.  right on the coast here we didn't get much snow but it started as snow, went to rain, and ended with snow.  in the early snowing afternoon i couldn't resist the urge to shoot outside :))))

i'm calling these the red, green, and blue snowstorms:)))



battle of the wind monsters

the afternoon before the first of our last 2 nor'easters i realized that the upcoming wind would put a lot of leaves on the ground...and this would be my last chance for the glory of fall colors.  out came the tripod to take advantage of the diffuse light and the pre-storm winds.  maybe i was thinking of "marsh snowstorm" - the wind inspired me :) but i was hanging on to the tripod during the gusts!


HONORABLE MENTION :)) "marsh snowstorm"

yesterday this image, printed 3' long and framed, was awarded an Honorable Mention at The Fine Art of Photography juried show at the Plymouth Center for the Arts!!!

the show will be up until May 5, and this hangs proudly with its white ribbon.  admission is free and the Center is open 7 days a week. 220 photos were chosen (out of 848 submitted) and are on display throughout the Center, and they are all amazing.  if you are interested in or just enjoy fine art photography this exhibition is a must see!  as i viewed the show yesterday i felt overwhelmed and priviledged to be included in such talented company, and awed to be getting an award! if you can't get there to view them in person the show catalog is available as a softcover, a pdf, or an ebook from blurb.

the image is from a january 2011 snowstorm. i was inspired by the wind and snow and the marsh colors to use longer shutter speeds to capture the storm movement throughout the marsh...this image is part of a 3-shot panorama i made that day.  back at the computer i was not bowled over by the whole thing but i saw this image within it, and this crop expressed my feelings as i stood there in the snow and the wind. on a whim i printed it out as large as i could.  i put the print aside but kept coming back to it. a year later i finally had it framed.  wow!



glasswort galore 5 days later...

i returned to same spot this afternoon.  sunny but with weak diffuse light.  amazing what 5 days can do in the fall!!


a sea of glasswort

now we're talking close up!!


a closer look at glasswort

one good glasswort shot is never enough for me...i continued using the same lens but in closer...photographers refer to this as "zooming in with your feet" :)


glasswort galore!

i am a lover of fall glasswort :)))) the colors have burst out at last and i can't resist!  many times when viewing my glasswort prints i have been asked, what is it?  this time of year, i say it's hard to miss them!  this year's largest batch is in a different location than last year's (see "fall marsh colors 3 posts down).

take a peek at your nearest marsh today and you too will spot them.  in the summer they are green and blend in with the marshgrass but today they stand out and shout...



shapes and shadows 1

of course i had to focus in on a detailed look :))


winter marshgrass: shapes and shadows

how different is marshgrass throughout the year???

i took this yesterday and saw how it contrasted with the previous fall shot...:)


fall marsh colors

glasswort blends into the marshscape so easily in the summer we hardly notice it...and then comes fall!!  how can you miss it??!!



sea serpent in the sand

this was my favorite from that outing...the rock makes me think of a tired sea serpent resting its head on the roll of sand as the tide comes in...



tidal river

low tide at sunset always attracts me and my camera :) and even though as sunsets go there was not much color, there was still a little glow on the horizon...the tide was coming in quickly though and the opportunity for this shot did not last long!


broken ice sunset

this is a closeup of a section of the previous post, taken with a longer lens. i enjoy the different shapes and textures of the sections of the ice and water.  both this and the previous shot were taken just after the sun went below the horizon...


kath adds:

Ariel view of flooded and fallow fields

Leviathan surfaces, sounds
break the ice. Close up
familiar grounds take far
from far away. Restore perspective:
under cloud cover
rocks creep ashore.


late winter sunset

i thought this might be a good followup to the previous post, as well as a way to get back into the habit of posting more regularly...:)

clouds at sunset seem to either be scarce or total occlusion on the horizon to block the sun...very frustrating!  i did manage to capture this a couple of weeks ago...the clouds in the image were the only clouds in the sky!!