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glasswort in stride

yesterday afternoon was perfect for a glasswort prowl :)  i say "prowl" becuase i spend a lot of time lying on the ground crawling around with my macro lens buried in the glasswort!  what a wonderful world of light and color can be found there on a gently lit fall afternoon...

this grouping drew my eye, and put me in mind of someone "steppin' out" :))))))



glasswort pano

i continue to be fascinated by the fall glasswort!  yesterday there were high thin clouds to diffuse the light a bit so off i went :)

i am often asked about this plant...and now is the perfect time of the year to go explore the tide line for it -- in the right light the colors really jump out!


a sign of fall

this leaf wallowing in the bubbles created by the windy surf yesterday caught my eye...i guess fall is really on the way!!




whelk at rest

it seems that everywhere i look at low tide there are whelks!!

i turned this one over briefly to see the inside...don't worry -- i turned it back over to settle into the mud happily :)


last of the sea lavender

i've been thwarted so often lately by overcast sunsets that in desperation i went out this afternoon.  the light was a little harsh for my taste, but light is always helpful when trying to get in close with the sea lavenders!


september bouquet

later that same afternoon, strolling home along the shore, the late afternoon sunlight filtered through clouds and highlighted this section of various marshgrasses, glassworts, and sea lavenders :)))) fall has definitely started!!


whelk hotel

time to get back in the swing of things!!  extra-low tides recently called to me :) strolling along the mud flats the other day a friend spotted this magnificently decorated specimen!! this is a living one, and there were a dozen or more others nearby, some buried in the mud to keep wet -- none as splendidly outfitted as this one was...


happy 4th of july!!

this is from last night's splendid town fireworks display :))))


backlit horseshoe crab shell

a couple of evenings ago i found 2 of these shells close together up in the marshgrass at low tide. i couldn't resist a close up look inside it :)


2 buds in the sunset...

from that same day, soon after the previous post, i found some buds that had not yet blossomed, tightly wrapped but ready to pop :)


rosa rugosa sunset

the day before yesterday i went out for a late day shoot...but what caught my eye were the searoses along the shore which were being lit by the long flat sideways last shafts of daylight.  this is a view of the sunset light from inside the flower :)))


the tide comes in...

i had been searching (and waiting) for a shot with periwinkles and marshgrass.  sounds easy except that most of the little guys are on rocks exposed at the lower tides which are well below the marshgrass line.  as a bonus this one was reflecting a bit of the sunset off its shell when the tide was perfect for this shot :)


loads of color!

saturday, in advance of sunday's storms, the sunset was diffuse and had some color...and it was low tide!  that is a combination i love :)  i didn't find any appealing shells, and the tide was below the marshmussels, but the rocks and stones and pebbles were covered in periwinkles!!  my eye was attracted to this section by all the colors there were in such a small area!


spring marshbank

i shot this almost a year ago to the day...the marshgrass at this time of year is overwhelming to me!  i keep coming back to this one, even though i ended up not printing it for my upcoming show.  this definitely says "mid-june" to me :)


backlight at sunset

this shell remnant, about 3" long, caught my eye the other day.  i had gone out with the hope for some good color at sunset, and thus to shoot some wide angle clouds and color much for plans :( but the translucent glow through the hole in this shell caught my eye and i quickly changed lenses to capture it!



whelk in the water

later the light was a bit softer but more direct as the sun sunk behind the trees on the western edge of the marsh...the tide was higher too so the scenery was better :)  and it's amazing what a dash of green adds to the image!


incoming tide mist

memorial day i decided to try a similar misty water effect but during the day when there was actually some light instead of after sunset...and the whelk was not quite as far into the tide as the previous post.


lying in the mist

this was the last shot of that day...about 10:00 after the sun set.  the tide was going down around this one also, and the light was going fast!


another live one

this is one of the other ones in that lovely triple find...


the speckled one

the day before last i went out for my sunset photo hunt, and to my astonishment, found 3 (!!) live whelks within about a yard of each other, all scenically located!  i was overwhelmed!!  i saved this guy for last - he was deepest in the water and the outgoing tide would reveal more of him over time as the sun got lower :)  he was a big ol' guy, probably about 8" long, and just lying there in the rocks for me and the last shaft of setting sun...