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spring marshbank

i shot this almost a year ago to the day...the marshgrass at this time of year is overwhelming to me!  i keep coming back to this one, even though i ended up not printing it for my upcoming show.  this definitely says "mid-june" to me :)


backlight at sunset

this shell remnant, about 3" long, caught my eye the other day.  i had gone out with the hope for some good color at sunset, and thus to shoot some wide angle clouds and color shots...so much for plans :( but the translucent glow through the hole in this shell caught my eye and i quickly changed lenses to capture it!



whelk in the water

later the light was a bit softer but more direct as the sun sunk behind the trees on the western edge of the marsh...the tide was higher too so the scenery was better :)  and it's amazing what a dash of green adds to the image!


incoming tide mist

memorial day i decided to try a similar misty water effect but during the day when there was actually some light instead of after sunset...and the whelk was not quite as far into the tide as the previous post.


lying in the mist

this was the last shot of that day...about 10:00 after the sun set.  the tide was going down around this one also, and the light was going fast!


another live one

this is one of the other ones in that lovely triple find...


the speckled one

the day before last i went out for my sunset photo hunt, and to my astonishment, found 3 (!!) live whelks within about a yard of each other, all scenically located!  i was overwhelmed!!  i saved this guy for last - he was deepest in the water and the outgoing tide would reveal more of him over time as the sun got lower :)  he was a big ol' guy, probably about 8" long, and just lying there in the rocks for me and the last shaft of setting sun...


moon and venus over the harbor

of course i had to try a view that included the moon, venus, and the harbor :)  the challenge of this is getting clarity in the small (relatively speaking!) astromonical objects as well as good exposure details given the extreme contrast between the bright moon and the darkness below...this image is more special than can be seen at this size because included in this is the international space station - with the shuttle attached! - crossing at the same time!  the iss though is only as bright as a star, and since it was low to the horizon, in the brighter part of the sky, it is more difficult to see than venus.  i'm not sure one can see it all at this size on the web :( draw a line in from the middle of the left edge and intersect a line up from the single light on the shore and that tiny speck is it :))))


earthshine and venus

last evening we were treated to a sunset conjuction of the moon and venus.  to make it even more special, it was a crescent moon, and between the horns of the crescent an image of the full moon appears...called "earthshine" because it is our own light reflected back by the dark side of the moon!!  add the proximity of venus and the sight was indeed glorious!


tidal pool with pier reflections

this is from one of my sunset rambles last week.  i had been hoping for lovely colors to reflect in the tidal pool but the sunset did not provide that :( still...i loved the different grasses surrounding the pool and the still waters lead to some colorful reflections from the pier :)


twilight mussel

this one really should have followed "sunset mussel glow" because it was taken about 20 minutes after that one.  "barnacle eyes" was taken 4 days later.  the most challenging aspect of shooting these - aside from getting wet! - is finding a clear shot in to the mussel...it's very crowded down there!!


barnacle eyes

"golden eyes" are what came to my mind when i spotted these two big ones glowing in the low sun yesterday...


sunset mussel glow

the way the last shafts of warm sunset lit only the top of this shell caught my eye...


spring mussels in the surf

i was lucky that same evening to find a lovely section of the shore filled with mussels, spraying surf, and sweet sunset light...heaven to me :)))


a periwinkle's life

last night low tide was just a while before sunset...not an astronomical low, but still, low tide.  and that's a combination i love, as all sorts of things are exposed!  a lovely time to explore along the water line :) i watched this guy as he kept climbing up when the tide turned and the foam and water kept creeping up from below...i left before he reached the top!


spring glasswort

i love discovering and learning something new...and last night i did just that!  the stormy skies were clearing at sunset and the tide was low so i went to the shore to explore :)  i realized upon close examination that the tiny stalks sticking up, mostly green but some in the colors of red and orange, were glasswort, one of my favorite things to shoot in the fall!!  i have never shot them in the spring before, so i will be keeping an eye on them for opportunities...



whelk with leaves

i love when, in the very last few minutes before the sun goes below the horizon, the rays become almost parallel to the ground, highlighting spots along the shore.  yesterday this little spot was picked out for me :)


periwinkle hangout

every spring this log in a tidal pool is home to many periwinkles, and this spring is no exception!


spring surf

the last few sunsets have been clear sky affairs, slightly diffuse but no reflecting clouds for spectacular color :( and they have been breezy...but i like that!  i have been in the thrall of the small green sprigs of the marshgrass as the incoming tide, the waves, and the last light of day washes over them...


whelk shell in green grass

before and after i got distracted by the sprig of marshgrass with foam i explored this lovely shell i found!  the diffuse light was perfect for dealing with the very reflective inners of this.  and i love to see the signs of spring in the little shoots of green marshgrass :)))))