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"the widow marshgrass looks west"

it was windy yesterday and the southwest surf made foam in places along the shore as the tide rose.  the tide had turned but some foam was stranded and wind-strewn along the shore.  the lovely diffuse late glow was hitting the sprigs of spring marshgrass at a low angle and caught my eye.  i could not resist the challenge of isolating this one for a shot...


"red at night..."

at last some clouds at sunset, and some nice reflected color :) i got home just in time to grab some gear and get to the eastern shore of the harbor...this is about 20:00 after sunset, and one of my last shots...the intense color faded very quickly!


wide angle whelk

i've been experimenting with my new wide angle lens and trying to diversify my whelk shots :)


whelk leg

i'd just about given up on ever seeing the sun again...but at last, a few sunny days!  no clouds for sunset :( but it's hard to complain - colors still happen :)))

i am very fond the of partial shells, and the inner spiral core of the whelk in particular...this one lying in the pebbles brought out a lot of sunset color!  yesterday was my lucky day twice over - a sunset with sun (!!!) and a lovely whelk core :)


rock in the storm surf 1

the-storm-that-never-leaves brought another day of no sun...but at least no rain either, really.  just wind, south wind but still raw and cold, and clouds.  i was hoping the sun could poke through but no such luck.  still, i went out at sunset just for the exercise since it was the first day all week it was not raining!  i took the wide angle to get the dark and stormy clouds and the waves.  as soon as i set the tripod i could tell something good was happening :)  this is the first shot i took, and i ended up staying about 30 minutes :)))))



translucent scallop shell

that same day this scallop shell being back lit by the sunset as it stood up in the rocks caught my eye!  but i did not have my macro lens with me, only the wide angle...the next day i went back and brought the macro, and sure enough it was still there, right at the edge of the water!  how often does that happen???  and the light was not as sweet for landscape shots as the day before had been so i was not torn about what to concentrate on :)

later i realized that almost a year ago i had found another such scallop shell being backlit - i guess i like them!!


47 minutes with a lens

yesterday was fun :) as i headed out the clouds that had been taunting me all day were disappearing, but it was so warm and pleasant i had to go enjoy it. the low tide, an average one of 0.0', was occuring 16 minutes before sunset, so a tide low enough to expose this rock and allow me to get close to it - my boots are only knee high!  i brought only my new wide angle lens.  these images follow the progression of the light and of the photographer as i move in on the rock.  #1 sets the scene, and #2 is some 12 minutes later, about 3 minutes after the tide turned.  sunset occured between #3 and #4, and #5 is about 20 minutes after sunset, 10 minutes after #4,  requiring an exposure of 25 seconds, twice as long as #4 needed!  47 minutes from #1 to #5, and all with the same wide angle lens...

#1 the scene

#2 just after the tide turned

#3 before sunset

#4 after sunset

#5 in the gloaming


warm winter sunset

the sunset was not spectacular tonight, but it was so warm and pleasant out for a change i could not resist :)


winter whelk

just as i was leaving the other night i found this twosome!


whelk in ice

i sense a theme here recently :)

the harbor is not frozen although around the edges and in corners the cold nights and days have started to grow ice and snow, especially along the tide line.  yesterday afternoon i found this shell with some lovely color to it as well.  the problem was that, since the tripod (and me!) were in the slushy icy water the waves and wind would knock the large floating chunks of ice into the tripod during the longer exposures...a real challenge to get a clean shot!


incoming ice

i watched the last 2 afternoons slowly cloud over to gloomy skies...well, yesterday it was just like that all day :((  however i managed to capture a bit of color at a cloudless sunset the night before :


ice teeth

a nice low tide and ice got me out the other day, even though the light was not great...when it's really cold the receding tides leaves enough water to freeze!  this was taken an hour before sunset (well there was never a sun to set that afternoon) so this freeze happened during daylight...brrrr...



storm debris sunset

after the wild day yesterday things were a bit calmer today.  the sun finally poked through in the early afternoon, but the wind was raw and the clouds were many...as soon as i got to the shore i saw this pile of debris left from yesterday afternoon's storm surge and wanted to compose a sunset shot around it :) i ended up taking only a few shots of it because the colors and the clouds were mostly elsewhere :( but i am pleased to have gotten this one!


storm surge

high tide was mid afternoon, and before the rains became torrential the wind picked up, 30mph +, with some real body blow gusts!!  the ice in the north end of the cove was being slammed by the south wind and waves, and along the edges of the marsh the ice was being broken up by all the action. 


sunrise this morning

rain and wind scheduled for tonight and tomorrow so sunrise had some color...and i managed to get out rather than stand and admire it and drink coffee :)


whelk in the gloaming

back to my old ways :)))

i found this guy as soon as i got to the shore...and i had been planning on using the 180mm macro lens as i had not used it recently, and it is one of my favorite lenses!  the way the sunset moment was caught in the shell was amazing, and totally unplanned...i was shooting away and noticed the glow through the viewfinder, and tried to capture as many shots as i could in the short time the light was happening...this is a favorite because i was able to slow down the exposure for the incoming tide to surround it over time :)


ice cracks in color

the same shot as previously posted, in color...


ice cracks in black & white

although i am a devoted color snob :) i admire the artists of b&w photography...admire and respect their vision to create amazing intelligent images in this color space.  i find it very challenging (translation: my success rate is very low!!), and do not do much of it as a result.  i have a color version of this image that i like, but when i started to work with it in b&w the image really came together for me :))) the composition i saw at the time (late yesterday afternoon, over half an hour after sunset) was the lines and the ice textures, and this focuses on them well without the distraction from color.  i will post the color version for comparison, but later, as i want this image to be seen alone first.


harbor ice afterglow

at last, at last, the harbor is beginning to ice up :) the last couple of days have provided some bits of color too!  sunday was particularly grand but even tonight, although weak on color, still had some good light.  here is one of the last shoots i got tonight when some spotlights of color came through the small break in the cloud bank...


low cloud sunset

earlier this week i was able to be out at sunset :) one day a huge cloud hung very low above.  i loved how, about 10:00 after the sun went below the horizon, the light was so fiercely reflected off the bottom of the cloud...as well as highlights of it in the marshgrass on the shore...very cool!


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