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i love to use a camera, and i love where i live.

and i believe i don't have to travel the world to make spectacular images.

i live on a cove on the southeastern coast of massachusetts. and when you live on the water nature is a part of your daily life. weather is of interest of course, but more essential is the fact that we live on the edge, the thin strip that encompasses the physical transition from land to water, and this makes our relationship to that land and the water very special. my personal photographic pleasures lie in exploring the beauty of this space which is so delicately balanced between the elements.

this passion as a photographer has put me on the board of the Sippican Lands Trust, an organization whose purpose is to preserve open space for the benefit of both the residents and visitors to the Town of Marion. our ultimate goal is to protect wildlife, ecosystems and natural resources as well as the history, heritage and beauty of the area. open land is our legacy for the future generations. it is my privilege and pleasure to photograph for them both professionally and personally. sometimes i'm told "no artsy stuff" but i can't go totally cold turkey! there is a need for documentary images as well as passionate ones, and when the two can be combined...well, all the better!

all images on this site are available as fine art prints of all sizes as well as notecards.  i do all my own printing, so just ask for a quote!

The Ropewalk Gallery and Framing at The Ropewalk in Mattapoisett usually has something of mine up, but if not just ask!

and of course, 3 of them hang over the sofa in the Sippican Lands Trust office, next to Uncle Jon's Coffee :)